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Ways to Optimize the Performance of Your Android Phone

Phones have become a necessity nowadays. It is no longer a luxury and it is not just a device you use for calling and texting. Your phone is a calendar, to do list, alarm, mail box, personal assistant and many more things. While your phone delivers all these aid, if its performance is hampered, it can be a head ache.

While the performance of your phone is highly dependent on the capability of your phone and the extent of your use of it, there are always few ways to boost the performance of your phone. So, below are the things one can do to optimize the performance of their android phone:

  • Keep your OS updated.

While there are many myths in the market that latest OS can hamper your phone’s performance as the company wishes you to update to a higher model, it is to be understood that the OS release are always meant to fix the errors and not to create them. Many of your phone applications like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. update their app regularly according to the OS and if you do not upgrade your OS, those applications might not work well ultimately hampering the performance of your phone.

  • Disable Applications that are not in Use.

There are many such applications that we do not use on regular basis but we need them from time to time. You can disable those applications while you are not using them. This is help you increase the speed of your phone.

  • Stop application from running in the Background.

There are many applications that keep running in the background but there is no use of those applications to be active. If you do not want to get regular updates and notification from that application, you can stop that application from running in the background that will boost your phone’s speed as well as battery life.

  • Clear you Cache regularly.

This is the most basic tip but yet many people are not following it. It is essential that you clear your phone’s ram and cache regularly to optimise the speed of your application. There are many such applications that allow you to clear your cache in one touch and you do not need to spend much time in it. Just download any such credible application after reading the reviews and keep your phone optimized.

  • Avoid using Live Wallpapers.

Live Wallpapers are beautiful and attractive but they can hamper the speed and also make serious dent in the battery life of your phone! So, if you need to keep your phone optimized and an elongated battery life, avoid using live wallpapers.

These activities work like the oil in an engine. They are such daily maintenance that optimizes the performance of your phone. But, if your phone still does not work as efficiently as it should, you can always get professional help from us. Just visit any of our stores or courier it to us and we will fix the problem and make your phone as good as new.