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3 Reasons Why You Must have PlayStation App Installed in Your Phone

While this might be a surprise for many that they also have a PlayStation application for gamers! Well yes, they have an application and it does way more than other apps like providing updates and news which gamers are almost aware of all the time. Also, it is not a forum where they just update game info and gamers are updated. They already have a website for it. So, what does the application do? Here are the things you need to know about the PlayStation application.

  • Updates about Friends.

The app allows players to keep track of the games their friends are playing and what stage or level they are at. Also, they have live updates like one can check which of their friends are online currently and what game they are playing. You can also send invitations and chat with your friends via this application. You can also choose who your close friends are.

  • The Gamification.

The application has a hall of fame kind of space where players can share their proud moments from the game they play and let other players know about your achievement. Also, the application allows players to compare their trophies with other players. This gamification effect can be the driving factor for you to get the adrenaline rush you require to crack that mission or stage that you were stuck in for a long time now.

  • The PS store.

The coolest feature of the application is that a player can download the updates and games they need and push it to their PlayStation, now how cool is that! They don’t have to wait for the updates to be installed in your PS. They can do it on the go and while they reach home, they will have their PS already updates. But, the sad part is this feature is available is only for PlayStation 4.

Apart from these cool features, the application also covers all the necessary ground to give gamers what they need like the chat features, game updates, reviews and event updates. So, PlayStation has given a deep thought to this application and has worked with the same precession with which they make their PlayStations. Download it to connect with the gaming web.