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Your iPad Repair Bill can be Much Lesser !

The world is being digitized, everything nowadays happens on internet! People talk on internet, they chat on internet, they socialize on internet and hell they even watch series and serials on internet now! While the world is transforming and moving towards the digital era, we kiwis have decided to stick to our basics!

Yup, that is right, while we might do a lot of things on internet, but we still love our box of magic, or as known commonly- television. According to a recent survey by Neilsen in 2015-16, it was found that Kiwis still spend hours and hours on television!

We spend more hours watching TV then we surf the Internet! Yup, according to Nielsen, citizens of New Zealand spend 41% more time watching television then they spend time on surfing the internet! For instance, citizen of New Zealand spends 3.5 hours per month for reading news from News Websites and they spend around 10.5 hours per month watching news on Television.

Another fact that proves we love our TV is that every minute we spend on watching a video on Laptop or Desktop, we spend 11 Minutes watching live shows on Television. So, one thing is for sure, we Kiwis sure know how to stick to the roots and our broadcasters know how to keep us entertained.

But, as much as we might like our box of magic, it is equally expensive when it comes to repairs and maintenance. Yup, average repair cost of a Television is at least twice then that of other devices like a desktop, laptop or a smartphone! And we need no survey to prove this, as we have been serving thousands with our repair services to whole of New Zealand we know this first hand!

So, while you keep yourself entertained, we will make sure that the source of your entertainment is at its best performance. Tech Expert provides all types of repair services for all types of television. To get best Television Repair services, just visit your nearest store of Tech Expert and let our experts handle the rest.