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Play Stations are one of the most durable products of Sony, aren’t they? PS4 was applauded for their below 1% failure and the gamers just love it! But, if you are unfortunate enough and you fall under that 1%, don’t worry. Tech Expert has a lot of respect for you gamers and has set up the technicians at our Timaru Stores to take care of your PS!

Although there were no major problems detected, there are many common problems with Play Station remote control! Like you might have had some issue with your Controller’s thumbstick rubber eh? Yup, we are experts and we know it!

Playstation Repair Pricing

Repairs services starts from $49 Price
Playstation Repair $59

Playstation Repair Services We Provide

Damaged Lasers
Hard Drive Crash
Broken/Faulty Disk Players
Motherboard Issues
Water Damage
Controller Issues
All the spare parts replaced by Tech Expert come with 3 months free replacement warranty.

How it Works ?

Courier your Playstation for repair at 8 Vernon Drove, Lincoln, Christchurch
Wait for just 24 hours
Voila! Your phone is fixed the very next day