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The gaming industry has been showing exponential growth over the period of time. No matter what technological advancement you see in the world, the gaming industry has been adopting it to create a better gaming experience for their customers. Be it motion sensor sticks or Virtual Reality (VR) they have it all. And the company that has always managed to stay ahead of the curve and serves millions of customers is Sony. They not only have the best in industry features but unlike their other products, Play Stations and Play Station Portables are also praised by the gamers for their durability.

But, there is one thing that they have not been able to get rid of, and that is a hefty repair bill! Yup, gamers are always left with cash crunch whenever they have to get their PlayStation repaired. But, with four fully functional stores across New Zealand and with best in the industry experts and technology, Tech Expert has been successfully rendering effective and affordable Play Station Repair services to the gamers. Also, we have managed to create a process of repair that helps customers get the complete idea of what is happening and we believe in transparency hence all the problems will be discussed with customers prior to reply not hitting them with any hidden charges or unexpected expenses.

Playstation Repair Pricing

Repairs services starts from $49 Price
Playstation Repair $59

iPhone Repair Services We Provide

Damaged Lasers
Hard Drive Crash
Broken/Faulty Disk Players
Motherboard Issues
Water Damage
Controller Issues
All the spare parts replaced by Tech Expert come with 3 months free replacement warranty.

Why Tech Expert ?

Quality Assurance
Affordable Service
Transparency Maintained
Experienced Personnels
Quick Response
Quality Spare Parts

How it Works ?

Courier your Playstation for repair at your nearest Tech Expert Store
Wait for just 24 hours
Voila! Your phone is fixed the very next day