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Timaru has always been known for its tech-savvy population and there are many statistics that prove it. For instance, according to a survey conducted by the Herald, there are more phones in NZ than people! And as the number is high, so is the repair industry revenue. The revenue of the Repair Industry in NZ has reached 4 Billion and one of the major reasons of this boom is the fragility of the Smartphone.

Among the smartphone users, Samsung has a huge market share and is covering major of Timaru as well as NZ with its Galaxy series smartphones. But, just like every other phone, Samsung also has common problems like screen break, OS problems, performance issues etc.

Tech Expert has a team of experts that can professionally handle all these problems.

Samsung Galaxy Repair Pricing

Repairs services starts from $99 Price
Samsung S5 Glass Repair $129
Samsung S6 Glass Repair $139
Samsung S7 Glass Repair $189
Samsung S8 Glass Repair $229
Samsung S9 Glass Repair $249
Samsung S10 Glass Repair $299
Samsung S10 Plus Glass Repair $349

Samsung Repair Services We Provide

Broken Screen
Speaker Malfunction
Weak Signal
Non Warranty Repairs
Broken Buttons
OS Repairs
Battery Issues
Weak Signal
All the spare parts replaced by Tech Expert come with 3 months free replacement warranty.

How it Works ?

Courier your Smartphone for repair at 8 Vernon Drove, Lincoln, Christchurch
Wait for just 24 hours
Voila! Your phone is fixed the very next day